Migrate - Manual Form setup


This is only necessary if you are not updating to a form built within Siteglide Admin before go live.

Depending on your system configuration, sometimes forms will not automatically convert during the migration process. If this has happened then please follow the steps below to do this manually:

Download the Form files

Download the files from this release on Github - https://github.com/Siteglide/migration-form/releases/tag/1.0.0 You should use the "Source Code (Zip)" link under assets.

Unpack the files

Now that you have the zip, they need to be put into the correct place. Drag the modules folder from the zip alongside the marketplace_builder folder in the migration that you have just triggered. It should look like the following:

Document image

Edit the files

The only line the needs to be edited are in modules/simpleform/public/notifications/email_notifications/form.liquid In this file replace line 2 where the to: field exists. Simply replace admin.email@example.com with the email address where you would like to receive the workflow notifications. After that has happened, the file should look like the below:


Sync the files

Turn on siteglide-cli sync and save both the modules/simpleform/public/notifications/email_notifications/form.liquid and the modules/simpleform/public/views/pages/form.html.liquid You will see confirmation in your terminal that the files have uploaded.

Test a form

Find a form on your website and fill it in, you should then receive a workflow notification to your email address entered above