Migrate - Convert existing Forms

This document will cover converting an existing HTML form that has been moved to Siteglide from the CLI Migrate command. This document assumes that you have already setup the form within Siteglide and just covers putting that form into the page.

Set Template

When the page is moved into Siteglide from the CLI Migration flow, it will have a default template applied called "application".

This template will need to be replaced with a template made from within Siteglide Admin. Make sure that you have created a template and then applied that template to a page.

This is neccesary as the template will have some automatic included scripts that is used within form submission.

Replace Form

Your page will have a section in your page where the existing form has been running. This will look something like the below:


Although your form will be different, it will always start and end with a <form> tag. After finding that part of your page you should delete this area of the page and replace that with your newly created Siteglide form using the toolbox

Updated 05 Dec 2021
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