Tutorial Overview

This is a brief overview of the GraphQL tutorials we currently provide and the topics we plan to cover in future.


This Article aims to give an overview of the topics currently covered in our GraphQL tutorials, and the topics we aim to provide in the future. For a longer introduction to GraphQL and how it can be used with Siteglide, check out the following Article: About GraphQL

How the Tutorials Work

These GraphQL tutorials are organised by topic, but we'd recommend you work through them one by one. This is because each tutorial will build upon the skills covered in previous ones. 

We also include challenges- because when learning something like GraphQL it always helps to get hands-on experience exploring and applying the skills you've picked up. Don't worry if you can't quite manage the challenges straight away. Give them your best shot and then check the answer pages.

Tutorial Contents

The following Tutorials are currently available:

Challenge Answers

Some topics will be covered in our challenges. We'll challenge you to build upon what you've learned, before revealing a solution. If the topics interest you, try the tutorial with the same name first.

Planned GraphQL Tutorials

In the future, we intend to cover the following topics:

  • Search for Results
  • Sort Results
  • Use other types of Query e.g. users
  • Run some GraphQL mutations

Please let us know if you'd like to see anything else included.

Updated 03 Mar 2021
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