Tutorial 4 - Challenge Answers

In our Tutorial 4 challenge, we asked you to write a query which returned items matching multiple filter rules. Here's a possible solution.


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Last time, we asked you to write a single query which utilised a combination of filters to find models which meet these criteria:

  • They are Module Items
  • They are enabled
  • They have already been released
  • They have not yet expired
  • They have a `weighting` between 1 and 3
  • They have a meta_title 
  • They fall into the posters Category

This challenge required you to modify and combine the queries we'd already looked at. If you were able to match at least some of the criteria, good work.

Challenge Answers

To find the category_id for the posters Category. One way to do it would have been to go to the Siteglide Admin:

Document image

After that, it was a case of combining what you'd learned so far to add multiple filters to a query:



  • For the range of weighting we've added a gte and lte setting, in order to demonstrate the possibility. This is not really necessary as there won't be values less than 0, but it's not a bad idea to rule these out, should data be entered incorrectly. 
  • The category_array  ID may be different from one site to another. Check your site's category_id in the Admin. 

Explorer: Unfortunately, as mentioned last time, Explorer does not yet support arrays, so it's not possible to show an Explorer demo for this challenge.

Next Time

It's time for the real thing! We'll look at how you can save your GraphQL query in a File and use Liquid to run it on a website Page.

Let's go!