Tax Code Changer

What it does

Our Tax Code Changer will allow you to output a list of all Tax Codes on your site that are linked to the current session's currency. You can then set a new Tax Code for that session.

The JS function must be sent a valid Tax Code ID. See the layout named default for an example of how this is achieved via a <select /> dropdown.

How to add the Tax Code Changer to your view

You can add a Tax Code Changer to your site using the following include: {%- include 'ecommerce/tax_code_changer', layout: 'default' -%}


You can find layouts at layouts > modules > module_14 (eCommerce) > components > tax_code_changer > your_layout_name_here

The layout will require a wrapper and item file, which you can see in place in the layout named default that comes installed with the eCommerce Module.

Updated 16 Mar 2021
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