Secure Zones

We provide the Liquid for Sign Up, Login and Password Reset Forms and for checking if the current User is signed in


In this Article we'll provide the Liquid which can be used to manage access to Secure Zones. It can be used across most Liquid Files (excluding emails).


Log In

{%- include 'login_form', layout: 'default', redirect: '/' -%}

Log In / Sign Up

{%- include 'form', id: '1', layout: 'default' -%}

This is the same syntax for inserting a custom Form, where the id parameter should be the id of your Form. See the section Creating a Sign Up Form to learn more. Once you have created a Form, you can select the Form from Toolbox and it will dynamically fill in the ID for you.

Log Out

{%- include 'logout_button', layout: 'default' -%}

Liquid Tags

Field Name

Liquid Tag




true/false (boolean), the value is not stored as a string. 

Used to determine if the user is logged in or logged out.

Current User First Name


Outputs First Name of User currently signed in

Current User Last Name


Outputs Last Name of User currently signed in

Current User Email


Outputs Email Address of User currently signed in