FAQ - Shared Devices

It's not too hard a situation to imagine...

You're logged in to a website, and you walk away from the PC. Someone comes along and starts using the same website. If they submit a form, then it shouldn't update your CRM record. It should show them that you're still logged in. They will then log out and create a new CRM record.

This problem was initially reported here -> https://roadmap.siteglide.com/bugs/p/forms-overwriting-crm-records After much discussion here's measures we've taken to make this easier to implement for you.

1 - How to show that someone is logged in

Our default form layout for new or updated forms will set both 'email' and 'name' as readonly, pre-populated fields if there's a logged in user.

You can also add your own message on page like this:


2 - How to allow updating of existing user data - Essentially a 'user update' form

If you look at the email and name fields in your new default layout, you'll see this:


Either remove 'readonly' to allow editing, or remove the entire IF statement if you also don't want it pre-populated.