Browse Events by Keyword

The Article will show you how to adapt your Liquid Syntax and Events Layouts to allow the User to Search for Events by Keyword


You can also allow the User to search for Events by keyword. This requires a slightly different Liquid parameter from the other navigation methods, but you can use both parameters if you choose.

Liquid Syntax

Although all other Events Navigation options require you to set the use_adv_search: 'true' Liquid parameter, keyword search requires the use_search parameter. 


If you wish to use both types of Navigation for your Events, you can set both types of search parameter to 'true'.


HTML and JavaScript Syntax

This code can be included in one of your Events Navigation Layouts. Keyword Search will be activated if you've set the Liquid parameter above and the JavaScript below sets the keyword parameter in the URL.


Searching and Filtering at the Same Time

The following example also filters for future Events at the same time as it searches for keywords. You need to have set both use_search and use_adv_search parameters in the Liquid (see Syntax section above). You can adjust the JavaScript to remove this, or switch it to fetch Events in the Past.


Updated 08 Apr 2021
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