Browse by Host (Author)

This Option Lets you filter Events by Host

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  • You have installed the Events Module
  • You have installed the Authors Module
  • You have added at least one Author as an Event Host


This article explains:

  • How to include the Browse by Host (Author) Option when including a Blog List
  • Default Layout Examples
  • How to give feedback to the User about their results e.g. in the screenshot "Events hosted by Regina Alexander"

Add "use_adv_search" parameter to include for Event List View

The "use_adv_search" parameter is needed to allow filtering from the URL to apply to your Event Items, this can be added to the include for Event List like so:


To Include this Option

Include the following liquid to dynamically get a list of available Event Hosts for the User to select.


The author_field will be module_field_12_4 if you are using Siteglide's Authors Module. The layouts are structured in the same way as Category Layouts in the previous section.

Default Layout Examples with Explanation





To filter the Blog List View, you need a link to the Blog List View slug, followed by "?module_field_12_4={{}}". Siteglide will be able to read the URL and filter the list.

User Feedback - Displaying the currently applied filter

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To make it easier to give feedback to the User, you can optionally include the Host's name in the URL:


On the List view, you can then include the following liquid to read the URL and decode the Author name you are currently filtering by: